Every Tree Counts is a collective movement in Toronto to grow our city’s tree canopy cover. With funding from the City of Toronto, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation provides grants to make it easier for all Toronto residents to participate in tree planting and tree care. Community Grants support community-focused initiatives that will increase tree canopy cover in Toronto through tree planting and stewardship on private land.

Program Goal and Objectives

Eligible projects need to focus on increasing tree canopy cover in the City of Toronto by:

  • Planting non-invasive trees and shrubs on private land
  • Maintaining and caring for existing trees on private land
  • Educating and engaging Toronto communities in the planting, care, and maintenance of trees on private land

Grant Amount

Community Grants range from $5000 – $100, 000. Applications will be evaluated based on individual merit — preference will not necessarily be given to projects with a larger scope and budget.


Projects must be completed within 12 months.

Eligibility and Project Requirements

  • You must be a registered charity or qualified donee in Canada 
  • Previously funded groups who have failed to meet the terms and conditions of a previous grant may be ineligible.
  • Projects must occur on private land within the municipal boundaries of the City of Toronto.
  • A complete Budget will be required. Only direct, reasonable, and necessary costs to run or deliver a project are eligible for funding.
    • Please note: Every Tree Counts funding is provided on a matching basis. The applicant must contribute an amount equal to or exceeding the grant request towards the expenses of the project in the form of cash or in-kind sources such as: volunteer hours or donated labour, equipment, or materials. All sources must be directly related to the project.
  • Documentation for donated resources must be maintained and may be requested from applicants for accounting purposes, including: (a) volunteer waivers and sign-in sheets and (b) donation letters on business letterhead or invoices clearly indicating the fair market value of the professional services/materials that have been donated.
  • Projects must be completed within one year of receipt of funding and a mid-term and final report are required
  • Applicants must demonstrate how efforts will be sustained after the project ends

Ineligible Projects and Costs

The following costs and/or projects are not eligible for funding:

  • Projects that do not meet the 50% matching funding requirement (cash and/or in-kind)
  • Core operating funding
  • Internal or external salaries or other people-costs where they make up more than 50% of the amount requested (including web design, graphics design, writers, translation, labour, etc.)
  • Overhead and administrative costs where they make up more than 15% of the amount requested (does not include internal/external salaries or other people-costs)
  • Taxes such as GST and HST for which the recipient is eligible for a tax rebate, and all other costs eligible for rebates
  • Contingency costs
  • Projects taking place outside the City of Toronto
  • Capital costs or infrastructure (building repairs or renovations, construction of sheds or garden beds, purchase of computers or audio/visual equipment etc.)
  • Summer camps
  • Land purchase
  • Political activities
  • Religious activities/services
  • Advocacy expenses
  • Research projects
  • Fundraising activities
  • Endowments or endowment building
  • Scholarships, grants, or bursaries
  • Awards and prizes
  • Alcohol purchase
  • Tree planting on lands managed by the City of Toronto
  • Purchase, care, or maintenance of invasive species
  • Any tree planting requirement or obligation under the City of Toronto’s tree by-laws, as a condition for planning and development approval, or any other laws or regulations


The Application Process

NOTE: Community Grant applications are currently closed.

All grant applications must be submitted online at SurveyMonkey Apply through a two-step application process.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

The Expression of Interest (EOI) provides a brief overview of the project and how it addresses the Key Objectives of the granting program. More details will be available when grants open.

  • EOIs must be submitted by the specified due date
  • EOI submissions are reviewed by an arm’s length volunteer Grant Review Committee for alignment with the grant guidelines and assessment criteria
  • EOI applicants will be notified of results through SurveyMonkey Apply 

Stage 2: Full Application

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a Full Application online expanding on the details of the EOI, including a detailed project work plan, a complete budget, a list of key partners, a tree-care/maintenance plan, and promotion and recognition plans. More details will be available when grants open.

  • Full Applications must be submitted online at SurveyMonkey Apply 


Accommodation of special needs (e.g. documents in alternate formats, off-hour meetings) is available as required to ensure that groups can fully participate in the funding process. For accommodation of special needs, please contact us at 416-465-7555 or by email at: info@tptf.ca

Application Assessment

All applications will be reviewed by an arm’s length volunteer Grant Review Committee. The Grant Review Committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications based on its review.

Applications will be evaluated based on four areas: Concept, Feasibility, Budget, and Impact.

  • The project must closely align with the stated purpose and key objectives of the grant
  • The application should clearly demonstrate the applicant’s experience and capacity to successfully complete the project and to maintain the trees over the long term, and
  • The Application should describe a feasible process (work plan) to accomplish the project with clearly defined project deliverables
  • Project costs should be reasonable to achieve the proposed deliverables. A complete budget must be included that clearly demonstrates how the 50% matching funding requirement (cash or in-kind) will be met or exceeded (include Letters of Support if available)
  • The application should demonstrate the overall impact of the project as it relates to the purpose and key objectives of the grant


Applications for the Every Tree Counts Community Grants are currently closed. Stay tuned for details on upcoming grant opportunities, or sign up to our newsletter below.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Margo Mullin, Assistant Director, Projects at margo.mullin@tptf.ca with any questions or concerns.

Please note that we are unable to consider late or incomplete applications. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on the deadline date.