The Project

The dream of a $1.2 Million Trace Manes Park Rejuvenation Project was born out of Georgia Walsh’s tragic passing on July 16th, 2014.  The community doesn’t want this terrible fate to send the wrong message that kids aren’t safe in their neighbourhoods, or that they can’t leave home without you.
The dream is to rejuvenate Trace Manes Park, a place that Georgia loved.
This project is committed to:

  1. A community where parents can be reassured their children are safe, without being overprotective due to fear.
  2. A neighbourhood where kids are allowed the freedom to explore, to learn and to be curious, while also being safe.
  3. A neighbourhood where children learn independence within safe boundaries so they can build their self-esteem and confidence to navigate the world and grow.
  4. A community that can live on, without the fear that took hold of parents on July 16, 2014.

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The Impact

Your donation will:

  • Build a fully-fenced park on all sides
  • Replace the old wading pool with a brand-new state of the art splash pad
  • Update from the current sand groundcover to rubber tiles, improving safety, cleanliness and wheelchair accessibility
  • Improve seating, and create a shaded areas to increase park use and comfort for kids, parents and caregivers
  • Help fund a complete rebuild of the playground structures, with varied equipment for children of all ages and abilities