Enjoy farming in the city!

The Project

Riverdale Farm has been an essential and well-loved part of the City of Toronto for decades.

Thousands of families visit the farm every year – an accessible destination with no admission fees where families can roam freely on the 7.5 acres, and experience the tranquility of our peaceful “farm in the city.”

The farm keeps a variety of rare breed livestock, representing animals kept on Ontario farms in the early 1900’s, when farms were single family and self-supporting.  Come and see a horse being groomed, cows in the pasture, a goat being milked or chickens laying eggs.

With your support, the farm can continue to be a special destination for thousands of Torontonians and visitors every year.


The Impact

Your donation will:

  • Help support annual family events like the spring celebration, ‘Farm for the holidays’, and the Fall Festival
  • Allow the farm to continue to offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for groups and businesses to engage their members and staff in community involvement with farm-related projects
  • help ensure that city folk have the opportunity to experience farm life in the heart of Toronto, and that generations both young and old can continue to visit their favourite farm animals, participate in our farm-based children’s’ programs or just experience this beautiful place and create a long-lasting memory.